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IPL 2021 LIVE: Chris Morris becomes most expensive player in IPL history


Morris mayhem – SOLD to RR for 16.5 crore

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SA allrounder Chris Morris starts a war too. He enters at 75 lakh. But MI and RCB go hammer and tongs at each other to get him on board. The bid rises –

MI in the lead at 5 crore …

RCB take it back at 6 crore…

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MI regain the lead at 8 crore …

And again MI regain the lead at 10 crore.

This is madness territory now. And now RR enter the battle!

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RR in the lead at 10.75,

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RCB seem to have backed out, but MI continue going hard.

RR regain the lead at 11.75.

again in the lead at 13 crore,

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with RR their adversary now. Oh! And now

Punjab enter the fray at 13.5 crore.

We cross 15 crore! Chris Morris is the most expensive by at this auction so far.

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RR regain the lead at 15.5.

Punjab take it to 16 crore.

RR take it 16.25. And they win this one!

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